Holocaust-Themed Ice Skating Routine Is Real & Just As Offensive As It Sounds — Watch!

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There’s barely over a month left in 2016, but the competition for most tasteless moment of the year is far from over.

Apparently figure skating champ Tatiana Navka and actor Andrey Burkovskiy still want to throw their hats in the rink.

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Over the weekend Burkovskiy and Navka — who’s married to Dmitry Peskov, press secretary to Vladimir Putin since 2012 — performed a VERY insensitive Holocaust-themed routine on the Russian ice dancing show Ice Age (think Dancing With The Stars only much, much colder).

The couple skated to the song Beautiful That Way from the Oscar-winning film Life Is Beautiful and decided it would be a good idea to don striped uniforms with gold Stars of David as they portrayed Jewish prisoners in a concentration camp. At the end of the performance, Burkovskiy can be heard being shot as Navka is left standing along.

Wow. Just wow.

If that’s STILL not troubling enough, Tatiana took to Instagram to share:

├É┼╕├É┬╛├æ┬ü├É┬╝├É┬╛├æΓÇÜ├æΓé¼├É┬╕├æΓÇÜ├É┬╡ ├É┬╛├É┬▒├æ┬Å├É┬╖├É┬░├æΓÇÜ├É┬╡├É┬╗├æ┼Æ├É┬╜├É┬╛! ├É┼╛├É┬┤├É┬╕├É┬╜ ├É┬╕├É┬╖ ├É┬╝├É┬╛├É┬╕├æΓǪ ├É┬╗├æ┼╜├É┬▒├É┬╕├É┬╝├æΓÇ╣├æΓǪ ├É┬╜├É┬╛├É┬╝├É┬╡├æΓé¼├É┬╛├É┬▓!├É┼╕├É┬╛ ├É┬╝├É┬╛├æΓÇÜ├É┬╕├É┬▓├É┬░├É┬╝ ├É┬╛├É┬┤├É┬╜├É┬╛├É┬│├É┬╛ ├É┬╕├É┬╖ ├É┬╝├É┬╛├É┬╕├æΓǪ ├É┬╗├æ┼╜├É┬▒├É┬╕├É┬╝├æΓÇ╣├æΓǪ ├æΓÇ₧├É┬╕├É┬╗├æ┼Æ├É┬╝├É┬╛├É┬▓ ” ├ÉΓÇô├É┬╕├É┬╖├É┬╜├æ┼Æ ├É┬┐├æΓé¼├É┬╡├É┬║├æΓé¼├É┬░├æ┬ü├É┬╜├É┬░”! ├É┼╕├É┬╛├É┬║├É┬░├É┬╢├É┬╕├æΓÇÜ├É┬╡ ├æ┬ì├æΓÇÜ├É┬╛├æΓÇÜ ├æΓÇ₧├É┬╕├É┬╗├æ┼Æ├É┬╝ ├æ┬ü├É┬▓├É┬╛├É┬╕├É┬╝ ├É┬┤├É┬╡├æΓÇÜ├æ┬Å├É┬╝, ├É┬╛├É┬▒├æ┬Å├É┬╖├É┬░├æΓÇÜ├É┬╡├É┬╗├æ┼Æ├É┬╜├É┬╛├ó╦£┬¥├░┼╕┬Å┬╗├»┬╕┬Å├░┼╕ΓÇ£┬╣├░┼╕┼╜┬Ñ├░┼╕ΓÇ£┬╜ #├É┬╗├É┬╡├É┬┤├É┬╜├É┬╕├É┬║├É┬╛├É┬▓├æΓÇ╣├É┬╣├É┬┐├É┬╡├æΓé¼├É┬╕├É┬╛├É┬┤ @tatiana_navka @aburkovskiy PS : ├É┬¥├É┬░├æ╦å├É┬╕ ├É┬┤├É┬╡├æΓÇÜ├É┬╕ ├É┬┤├É┬╛├É┬╗├É┬╢├É┬╜├æΓÇ╣ ├É┬╖├É┬╜├É┬░├æΓÇÜ├æ┼Æ ├É┬╕ ├É┬┐├É┬╛├É┬╝├É┬╜├É┬╕├æΓÇÜ├æ┼Æ ├É┬╛ ├æΓÇÜ├É┬╛├É┬╝ ├æ┬ü├æΓÇÜ├æΓé¼├É┬░├æ╦å├É┬╜├É┬╛├É┬╝ ├É┬▓├æΓé¼├É┬╡├É┬╝├É┬╡├É┬╜├É┬╕, ├É┬║├É┬╛├æΓÇÜ├É┬╛├æΓé¼├É┬╛├É┬│├É┬╛ ├É┬╜├É┬░├É┬┤├É┬╡├æ┼╜├æ┬ü├æ┼Æ-├É┬┤├É┬░├æ┬ü├æΓÇÜ ├ÉΓÇÿ├É┬╛├É┬│, ├É┬╛├É┬╜├É┬╕ ├É┬╜├É┬╕├É┬║├É┬╛├É┬│├É┬┤├É┬░ ├É┬╜├É┬╡ ├æ╞Æ├É┬╖├É┬╜├É┬░├æ┼╜├æΓÇÜ!├░┼╕Γäó┬Å├░┼╕┬Å┬╗├░┼╕Γäó┬Å├░┼╕┬Å┬╗├░┼╕Γäó┬Å├░┼╕┬Å┬╗A photo posted by Tatiana Navka (@tatiana_navka) on Nov 26, 2016 at 11:22am PST

Though the caption is in Russian, People translated the message as:

“Necessary viewing! This is one of my favorite numbers! It is based on one of my favorite films ├óΓé¼╦£Life is Beautiful’ It’s necessary to explain this film to my own children. #iceage ├óΓé¼┬ª PS our children should know and remember this strange time, and God grant that they will never experience it themselves.”

Look, it’s a good message to make sure your kids understand what happened, but maybe just show them the movie next time? It’s not exactly a subject tailor made for reenacting on ice.

Jeremy Jones, the Director of International Affairs at Australia’s Israel and Jewish Affairs Council, spoke with CNN about the outrage, calling it “unbelievably tasteless.” He went on:

“The lack of thought that would have to go into making that decision is almost mindblowing … Long after they’re forgotten as ice skaters they’ll be remember as people who sunk to such depths to get some celebrity.”

Ch-ch-check out Navka and Burkovskiy’s performance (below) and let us know your thoughts on their controversial number!

Nov 28, 2016 9:47am PDT

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