Drake Bails On $250,000 Nightclub Appearance After An Argument — And He Was Paid Up Front!

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That’s why you NEVER pay up front!

On Saturday, Drake was supposed to perform at a pop-up nightclub called VIP ROOM in Abu Dhabi, but the artist was a no show!

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If that wasn’t bad enough, the Hotline Bling rapper was paid about $250,000 BEFORE the gig! A source close to the situation spilled to The Mirror:

“His management had an argument with the management of Abu Dhabi pop-up nightclub VIP ROOM last night and he didn’t turn up for an appearance that he’d been paid ├é┬ú200k for.”

What was the argument about?? No details have come through on that end but suffice to say Drake was clearly not happy.

The insider continued:

“Fans waited until 5am for him and he never showed up.”

We love Drizzy, but damn.

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Since the 30-year-old artist bailed, the source explained:

DJ Bliss, the most famous DJ in the Middle East, had to play all night as Drake was a no show.”

A rep for the VIP ROOM claimed Drake not playing was actually a safety issue:

“Due to Drake’s overwhelming popularity, the sheer number of people that turned up outside of VIP Room made it completely unsafe for Drake to even enter the venue in the end, so he was unable to perform.”

What, did the fire marshall count heads or something? They couldn’t make room for one Canadian rapper?? Hmm…

Innerestingly, the Degrassi star was also set to make a VIP ROOM appearance on Sunday which he DID show up to!

Drake ended up partying it up at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix afterparty with F1 racer Lewis Hamilton at the nightclub on Sunday evening and performing an array of his songs.

We’re guessing this means the money sitch was smoothed over?

What are your thoughts on Drake bailing on his concert?

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Nov 29, 2016 10:25am PDT

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