Donald Trump Says Ohio State University Attacker & His Family ‘Should Not Have Been In Our Country’ In The First Place!

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Despite not having a gun, he sure managed to cause a lot of damage…

By now, you’ve surely heard about the Ohio State University car and knife attack that left 11 people hospitalized early Monday morning.

Somali refugee Abdul Artan was identified as the driver/stabber shortly after he was pronounced dead at the scene… and we’re actually just surprised it took white supremacists more than a day to blame his terrible decision on his national background.

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Of course, President-elect Donald Trump is never one to disappoint, which is exactly why he took a stand against immigration once again on Twitter Wednesday morning.

After discovering that the supposed 18-year-old and six of his family members came to America in 2014, the racist Republican continued his parade of hate speech on social media, saying:

Right, because every Somali refugee is a threat to America…

Let’s be clear: We absolutely do not condone Abdul’s actions by any means — but his wrongdoings should not have a negative effect on other people desperately trying to find safety in the United States.

No more than we as Americans would want to be judged by the actions of a single orange, petty, short-fingered vulgarian.

What do U think about Trump linking the attacker’s actions to his refugee status??

[Image via Kevin Stankiewicz/The Lantern and CBS.]

Nov 30, 2016 5:57pm PDT

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