Cuban Citizens Beaten & Jailed If They Don’t Mourn The Death Of Fidel Castro!

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As we previously reported, Cuban despot Fidel Castro died on Friday, giving many Cubans who struggled through his reign reason to celebrate.

However, the Cuban government, now under the leadership of Castro’s brother President Raul Castro, isn’t taking so kindly to the celebratory reaction — and is making sure citizens are in mourning whether they like it or not.

Following the announcement on Friday, Cuban police put a stop to Cuba’s nightlife and issued an order for nine days of mourning.

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According to reports, state security officials have been enforcing the time of mourning with arrests, criminalizing those who refused to pay tribute to the revolutionary leader.

Elizabeth Pacheco Lamas told local WLPG Local 10 that state security forces detained her father Eduardo Marcos Pacheco Ortiz, a former political prisoner, for “refusing to pay tribute to Fidel Castro at the Plaza de Revolucion.”

Lamas said relatives noticed government officers were standing outside their home. He was reportedly hosting a Democratic Recovery Movement on Monday night when officers stormed in and detained him.

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Pacheco, who is an outspoken dissident against the Castro family, was beaten unconscious and taken away in an ambulance. He is now incarcerated, and state officials will not tell family members where or for how long he is being held.

Pacheco’s daughter said she is speaking about the arrest “so those people in Cuba will know that their crimes will not stay hidden.”

This is absolutely terrible. Our hearts are with the resilient Cuban people as they are forced to mourn a leader many fled the country to escape.

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Nov 30, 2016 11:09am PDT

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