Kate Gosselin Celebrates Her Sextuplets’ 12th Birthday WITHOUT Collin On Kate Plus 8… Minus One…

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Kate Gosselin has spent the last 12 years more-or-less raising eight kids on her own, but her job as super mom has been just the slightest bit easier so far this season on Kate Plus 8.

As you may be aware, Kate’s son Collin Gosselin has spent the last few months in a treatment facility for behavioral problems — but that doesn’t mean she’s happy having one less mouth around to feed!

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Tuesday night’s all new episode of the TLC docuseries marked Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Joel, and Collin’s 12th birthday party… which was a little awkward since only 5/6 of the sextuplets were actually there to celebrate!

With 16-year-old twins Mady & Cara Gosselin by her side to help decorate, Kate pulled off a pretty impressive scavenger hunt for her younger kids and their friends.

However, Collin’s absence was clearly felt by the entire family… because the mother-of-eight got surprisingly candid while giving cameras an update on his progress, saying:

“I was not able with my own resources here to meet his needs. He needs to be in an environment to help him learn the skills and gain the insight to be the best Collin that he can be.”

But that didn’t make it any less painful not having him there. She said:

“Singing to everyone as a group, and Collin wasn’t there… it grabbed me. But overall, I was comforted knowing that each of my children are receiving what they need.”

No one likes to see a family torn apart… even if it is for the greater good in the end.

Get well soon, Collin!

Oh — and happy birthday, kids!!!

[Image via TLC.]

Nov 30, 2016 10:09am PST

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