Misinformed Trump Supporters Shock CNN Anchor By Defending The President-Elect’s Totally False Claim That ‘Millions Of People’ Voted Illegally

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Oh boy.

Remember how Donald Trump FALSELY claimed he only lost the popular vote because millions of people cast their ballots illegally?

Well, even though that ridiculous theory has been debunked already, the President-Elect’s supporters are still adamant that he’s completely right.

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Speaking to CNN‘s Alisyn Camerota, Trump supporter Paula Johnson claimed that millions voted illegally in the state of California, saying:

“Voting is a privilege in this country. And you need to be legal, not like California where 3 million illegals voted.”

When the anchor asked Paula where she got this information, she vaguely responded with “the media,” and tried to incorrectly accuse CNN of being the culprit.

We aren’t sure how Alisyn was able to keep her cool, but she continued to ask just how many illegal ballot-casters Paula thought participated in the election.

She responded by accusing President Barack Obama of encouraging non-citizens to vote, alleging:

“I think there was a good amount because the President told people that they could vote and that happened in Nashua [New Hampshire]. We caught some people that they went in to Nashua and they said ‘The president said I could vote, I’m here illegally.'”

Baffled, Alisyn asked if Paula actually heard Obama say that, and fellow supporter Susan DeLemus insisted they did.

When the journalist asked where, Susan replied:

“Google it. You can find it on Facebook.”

So, Alisyn did, only to discover FOX News had deceptively edited a clip of the President, misleading viewers into thinking he was encouraging illegal voters to hit the polls.

The TV personality was quick to point out that the transcripts show “he had said nothing of the sort.”

But, even though Miz Johnson’s arguments had been proven factually incorrect, she still firmly believed the popular vote was rigged in Hillary Clinton‘s favor, insisting:

“I believe there is voter fraud in this country.”

Watch the cringeworthy clip (below)!

Ugh. What are UR thoughts on this, Perezcious readers?!

Dec 1, 2016 8:12pm PDT

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