Amy Schumer Playing Barbie In A Live Action Movie! Get The Deets On The Fresh Take!

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Amy Schumer is known for being one of the realest celebs in Hollywood, but she’s about to become solid plastic!

According to reports from multiple sources, the Emmy-winning comedian will be the star of the live action Barbie movie!!

Mattel has teamed up with Sony for the upcoming family comedy, in which they plan to aim for a contemporary take on beauty and feminism.

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The popular doll brand has faced criticism in recent years involving issues of self-image and race, making a studio-produced Barbie movie particularly tough to navigate in these modern times — hence the Inside Amy Schumer star’s casting!

The story begins in a perfect land of Barbies, where one woman (Schumer) slowly realizes that she doesn’t fit in. She is expelled from the plastic utopia and journeys to the real world where she learns being different actually has its advantages.

This sounds like Disney‘s Enchanted meets Life Size! AH-Mazing!

Photo: Ashley Graham Gets Curvy Barbie Made In Her Likeness!

Since Schumer’s casting challenges the classic image of Barbie being a rail-thin, balloon-chested beauty — which has caused some outrage in these modern times — we couldn’t think of a better lead to put a fresh spin on Mattel’s archaic doll!

Better yet, it’s expected Schumer will rewrite the script with her sister Kim Caramele, so you know the comedian’s gut-busting jokes will give the Barbie-verse a long-overdue makeover!

Are YOU a fan of this casting choice?

[Image via Mattel/Instagram/Brian To/WENN.]

Dec 2, 2016 4:59pm PST

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