School Shooting Stopped By Parents Who Tackled Shotgun-Wielding Son In Classroom

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Two parents prevented a scary incident from turning into a fatal tragedy.

According to police, two Utah parents disarmed their 15-year-old son after the teen brought the family’s shotgun and handgun to his junior high school and shot a round into the ceiling.

Bountiful Police Chief Tom Ross told local press the boy’s parents became concerned about their son on Thursday morning after noticing two firearms were missing from their home.

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Acting fast, the mother and father went to Mueller Park Junior High where they confronted their son and disarmed him.

Fellow student Calvin Smith told The Salt Lake Tribune he wanted to cry after the “terrifying” incident that occurred right after his 9th grade earth science class had begun.

Smith said the alleged shooter entered the classroom wearing a large black trench-style coat, pointed the 12-gauge shotgun at the ceiling and fired. The alleged shooter then stood for a few seconds angrily as students pleaded:

“You don’t want to do this.”

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Moments later, students “hit the floor” as the shooter’s parents arrived and disarmed him. Other students told Smith they saw the teen’s father tackle him while his mother took the gun away. Police soon arrived on the scene and detained the gunman.

Authorities have yet release the teen’s identity, and had no immediate information about whether the student had any history of trouble or past incidents at the school.

Smith told The Tribune that he knows the alleged shooter and has talked to him regularly — that the troubled student has friends and had seemed “fine and normal.”

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The school remained on lockdown as more than 100 officers investigated the building room-by-room to make sure it was safe.

Officials said the student was in custody Thursday, and no injuries were reported.

This is a harrowing experience that could have ended much worse, and we applaud the teen’s parents for acting on their feet and preventing a potential massacre.

[Image via ABC News/YouTube.]

Dec 2, 2016 11:21am PDT

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