Donald Trump Is ALREADY Risking A Major Dispute With China — Here’s What He Did Last Night

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Well, Donald Trump won’t take office for another six or so weeks, and he’s already risking a pretty significant diplomatic dispute with one of the more important countries in the world: China.

The President-elect on Friday night startled the international community when he spoke on the phone with the President of Taiwan — and while that may not sound like a big deal to those not in the know, that marks the first time a U.S. politician has spoken with a Taiwanese leader since 1979.

What the what?!

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It’s a complicated history, but basically, it all goes back to ’79 and President Jimmy Carter, who severed diplomatic relations with the island and installed a “One China” policy, recognizing only the government in Beijing as the one, true China.

Every President since — from Ronald Reagan, to both Bushes, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama — has followed the policy.

Now, Trump already has broken from it, and the consequences could be dire, because the general feeling is that China is PISSED at this development.

Trump, tweeting away on Friday, obviously doesn’t see the big deal in his phone call (below):

But diplomats across America and Asia are “scrambling to process the extraordinary breach of diplomatic protocol,” according to a damning report in Politico.


Not only that, but The Donald is apparently also lying in the tweets (above) by suggesting the Taiwanese President, Tsai Ing-wen, contacted him.

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A report in the Taipei Times suggests that the call “arranged by his Taiwan-friendly campaign staff after his aides briefed him on issues regarding Taiwan and the situation in the Taiwan Strait.”

That’s a big deal because “the situation in the Taiwan Strait” directly involves the mainland government in China, and there is no question this is a major misstep and could have major consequences because of it.

Furthermore, a read out from the Taiwanese government suggests there was much more to the call than just a “congratulations” message, too:

“The president hopes to strengthen two-way interaction and communication and establish closer cooperative relations. The president also told Trump that in the future she hopes that on the question of international relations, the U.S. side can continue to help Taiwan have more chances to participate and make contributions.”


So what’s the issue here?

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Well, it’s (at least) two-fold: first, anything involving China is a BIG deal, because they are (a) a major player in world affairs, and (b) close with Russia, another major player and not always a friend to the U.S.

It’s also important because the Taiwanese phone call suggests that at worst, Trump has absolutely no understanding of diplomatic protocols and policies in America. At best, well, he simply doesn’t care about those policies. Either idea is highly unsettling.

Keep watching this story — the phone call alone may turn up nothing of consequence down the road, but Trump’s diplomatic mistakes might just be a HUGE problem very soon.

Scary stuff.

“A bull in a China shop,” Politico titled its piece on this Trump mistake — and wow, are they right.

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Dec 3, 2016 1:09pm PDT

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