Man Who Shot And Killed Former NFL Star Joe McKnight Had Similar Road Rage Altercation — At The EXACT Same Intersection — Ten Years Ago

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This is just unbelievable in every way.

On Thursday, former NFL star Joe McKnight (pictured above) was shot and killed in the New Orleans area by a man named Ronald Gasser over an alleged road rage incident at an intersection.

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Gasser was immediately detained and taken into police custody, but at this point remains uncharged as investigators figure out what happened to cause the incident, and McKnight’s tragic death.

Now, though, more reporting is coming out about Gasser himself, and there is one disturbing, unbelievable coincidence: nearly eleven years ago, Gasser had a VERY similar road rage incident at THE EXACT SAME INTERSECTION!

According to police, on February 20, 2006, Gasser was driving erratically in a red pickup truck when another driver saw a bumper sticker on the back of the truck with a phone number to call to report unsafe driving.

The driver called the number, only to find that it was apparently a hoax, because Gasser himself answered the phone and started arguing with the other driver.

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At that point, the driver pulled over to buy gas in the Terrytown area of New Orleans — again, at the EXACT same intersection where McKnight was shot and killed yesterday — and Gasser pulled up, got out of his truck, and punched the driver several times.

What the what???

At the time, Gasser was taken into custody and cited for simple battery, but the charge was eventually dismissed.

And now, a decade later and yet at the very same place, Gasser has shot and killed a man over another road rage incident.

Just… wow.

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Police and others tried to save McKnight at the scene yesterday, but he was eventually pronounced dead (below, NSFW content):


Our thoughts and prayers are with all those friends, family, and loved ones of Joe McKnight.

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Dec 3, 2016 4:38pm PDT

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