Alec Baldwin Offers To Stop Impersonating Donald Trump On SNL — But There’s A MAJOR Catch!

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This is absolutely wonderful.

Remember how Donald Trump melted down (again) last night over his portrayal by Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live?!

We sure thought it was funny at the time — and we are all about how Baldwin impersonates The Donald SO well!

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But the President-elect didn’t care for it too much, firing off this little tweet while watching the hit NBC show (below):


Now, that’s far from the first time Trump has taken exception to Baldwin’s portrayal on SNL… but, if The Donald plays his cards right, it MIGHT be the last!!

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See, after Trump sent that tweet, later in the night, Baldwin responded with this gem of an ultimatum (below):


Total. Mic. Drop!!!

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So what’ll it be, Donald?! Revealing all your conflicts of interest, or getting blown up weekly on SNL?!

Something tells us Baldwin shouldn’t plan on dropping the Trump act any time soon…

But maybe this will finally get us SOMEWHERE on Trump’s business dealings!!

[Image via JLN Photography/WENN/NBC.]

Dec 4, 2016 5:50pm PDT

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