Teen Hacked His Grandfather To Death, Said Online It Was Because He Was ‘Just Kinda Inconvenient’

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This is just horrible.

Back in August, Raistlin Arthur Martin allegedly hacked his grandfather to death using a hatchet just minutes after revealing his horrific plot online.

The 15-year-old brutally killed Joseph Emmett Naulty, according to an affidavit recently obtained by PEOPLE.

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The court docs show the North Carolina teen had been chatting on the Canadian app Kik before the murder — under the handle EtherealSkull — telling a fellow user that he planned to kill his grandfather, even sharing photos of the gloves he wore and the hatchet he was going to use to commit the crime.

Raistlin also reportedly explained on the app that he’d get a lighter sentence because he’s a minor.

When one user asked why he wanted to kill the 63-year-old, the teenager supposedly replied:

“He’s just kinda inconvenient.”

Joseph had moved in with his son, Raistlin’s father, back in February — after his wife had died.

On August 8, police responded to a 911 call from the home only 20 minutes after his grandson had unveiled his plot on Kik. When the cops arrived, they found Raistlin covered in blood, wearing the same gloves he had posted on the app.

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They also found his grandfather had been slain in his bed, discovering the hatchet on the bedroom floor.

As of right now, Raistlin is being charged for first-degree murder as a juvenile. However, prosecutors are thinking about attempting to try him as an adult for the gruesome crime.

He will appear in court on December 12 at Cumberland County Juvenile Court.

[Image via Tim Grotenhuis/Twitter.]

Dec 6, 2016 4:21pm PDT

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