Brad Pitt Requests Emergency Family Court Hearing In Order To SEAL All Documents Related To Custody War With Angelina Jolie!

brad pitt emergency hearing

Brad Pitt wants to keep his custody war with Angelina Jolie a private matter.

On Tuesday, the Fight Club actor reportedly filed docs in family court in order to obtain an emergency hearing. Supposedly, the A-lister is planning to ask the judge to seal ALL of the documents and proceedings related to his fight against Angie for custody of their six kiddos.

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To make matters worse, it’s said the 52-year-old made this legal move so he could prevent the Maleficent star from further damaging their children by airing their dirty laundry for the world to scrutinize. Shots fired!

As you may recall, Miz Jolie pretty much exposed the specifics of their temporary child custody situation when she filed the arrangement and had it signed by a judge last week. While this decision essentially reinforced the custody rules, it revealed the entire Brangelina Brood are attending group therapy AND that Pitt is undergoing random drug and alcohol tests at least four times a month.

Awkward. According to TMZ, the By The Sea director filed the legal paperwork as she was worried Brad wanted to change their temporary agreement in order to get unmonitored visits with the kids. Angelina and the family therapist both allegedly think it’s too early for the children to spend alone time with their famous poppa. However, the mother-of-six isn’t against her ex having solo time with the little ones — she just wants the shrink to okay it first!

However, those close to the Hollywood hunk aren’t buying Angelina’s story as there was no legal need to file this document and expose their children to more suffering. Insiders close to Brad are claiming this move was simply meant to trash him. Apparently, the Allied star hasn’t made ANY moves to change the agreement and always wanted this matter to remain a private one.

Thankfully, the father-of-six will be allowed to make his case sometime later today (December 7). It’ll be inneresting to see if Brad wins this small face-off…

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Dec 7, 2016 9:48am PDT

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