Oakland Authorities Believe They May Have Found The Source Of The Deadly Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire: A Refrigerator

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This is still too much to stomach.

As you probably already know, tragedy struck Oakland over the weekend when a fire broke out during a warehouse rave, killing 36 people — and now authorities might know the cause.

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On Tuesday, investigators said they believe a refrigerator may have actually been the origin of the Oakland “Ghost Ship” fire as they told the Los Angeles Times the fridge and other appliances were being examined.

Authorities were tipped off as Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern revealed a witness who escaped the fire said they saw flames coming from the fridge. Ahern even added:

“On that back wall, there’s a significant 45 degree angle burn.”

If there is any good news out of this, officials have stated the fire doesn’t appear to have been intentional and they don’t expect the death toll to rise any higher.

Even though Derick Almena, the Ghost Ship’s landlord, eventually helped authorities gain access to the building, the San Jose Mercury News found some interesting info about the building’s past fire inspections…

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The City of Oakland requires a yearly fire check for both residential and commercial properties — and back on November 17 when the Ghost Ship was due for theirs, inspectors reportedly couldn’t get in!

During an interview with TODAY on Tuesday, an EXTREMELY apologetic Almena addressed the warehouse being up to code, saying when he signed the lease, the building was good to go. However, Derick said that over the years he’s been forced to make numerous improvements — like installing hot water heaters and a new electrical panel — and the landlord’s partner, Micah Allison, told NBC News that they couldn’t afford all the upgrades:

“We didn’t have enough money to do the things that needed to be done there and there was no one helping us.”


We’re not sure how this is all going to shake out for Almena and the building’s owner Chor N. Ng… but we’re guessing their legal trouble is only just beginning.

Rest in peace, to the 36 Ghost Ship victims.

[Image via CNN.]

Dec 7, 2016 11:28am PDT

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