N-Word Found Written In Snow At Black History Museum — But One Woman’s Response Totally Trumped The Hate!

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Donald Trump‘s America strikes again…

Now that people think it’s socially acceptable to be racist on account of our President-elect practically building his entire platform around it, minorities in the U.S. are about to face a lot more hate speech.

Case in point: the Idaho Black History Museum was just vandalized with the N-word on Wednesday.

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Apparently, museum director Phillip Thompson was prepping for a board meeting at around 8:15 a.m. MST yesterday morning when he noticed odd markings in the snow on top of a nearby shed.

Unfortunately, upon further inspection, Thompson realized his building had been targeted by some sort of racist organization or individual, telling the local CBS affiliate:

“I saw it and I almost chuckled, but I was also shocked.”

Thompson didn’t even bother calling the police. Sadly, he knew it was pointless, saying:

“There’s nothing they could do. They have much more important things to do.”

Once again, bigots get to go free…

But luckily, there are way more good people in the world and in the Gem State, and they’re tired of having their voices drowned out.

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A neighbor named Kirsten Furlong heard about the attack and decided to write her own message in the snow:

Love trumps hate. Always.

Ch-ch-check out local coverage of the real world racism (below)!!!

[Image via KBOI.]

Dec 8, 2016 12:54pm PDT

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