Best Friends Forever! Barack Obama And Joe Biden Prepare To Leave Office With A ‘Beautiful Friendship’

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We love a good bromance — and none have been better than Barack Obama and Joe Biden!

As the terrific duo are set to leave the White House here in another couple weeks at the end of their terms as President and Vice President, the pair’s wives are waxing nostalgic about their bromance, and it is SO cute!

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Speaking to People, Michelle Obama dished on how cute she thought Barack and Joe have been together for the last eight years, saying:

“They’ll go for long walks, looking into each other’s eyes.”


OK, maybe it’s not quite like that, but the VP’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, hinted that the pair is expected to be as close of friends as ever even after they leave the Oval Office, adding:

“They’re going to be eating ice cream together somewhere, I’m sure … they have a truly beautiful friendship, and I don’t think we’ve really seen a lot of that, especially in politics. But I think they really love one another.”


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The First Lady added that Joe Biden has been something of a “big brother” that the President never had, and also said:

“It’s the best decision that Barack has made as president of the United States, picking Joe and [the] Bidens as our partners in this journey.”

So cute!

We are going to miss the Obamas and the Bidens SO much!!

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Dec 9, 2016 3:44pm PST

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