Rudy Giuliani Withdraws His Name From A Possible Cabinet Position Under Donald Trump — But Why?!

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This is weird — and definitely out of nowhere.

Rudy Giuliani, long thought to be a viable candidate for the Secretary of State job under President-elect Donald Trump, has officially withdrawn his name from considering for any Cabinet position as of Friday afternoon.

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Giuliani, who spoke to Fox News this afternoon, revealed that the whole thing was becoming too “confusing” for The Donald, and so he was going to drop out of consideration for any job:

“The whole thing was becoming kind of very confusing and very difficult for the president-elect. My desire to be in the Cabinet was great, but not that great.”


“Great but not that great” is not exactly “make America great again,” now is it, Rudy?!

Giuliani had initially been considered for a Cabinet position — perhaps even a very important one, like the Secretary of State — but a few things may have gotten in the way of his chances and led to this day.

For one, his extensive overseas business ties (and the conflicts of interest therein) likely hurt him with Trump’s people.

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For another, Giuliani was VERY vocal in public and with the media about his desire for the job — and if we know anything about The Donald, we know he hates when other people try to upstage him, or use the media more than he does.

Giuliani claims he officially removed himself from consideration on November 29, though he only just revealed that to the media today.

But whatever the reason, and whenever it happened, it sure looks like Rudy Giuliani will be left with nothing when the new administration takes office in January.

Too bad, so sad, Rudy — couldn’t have happened to a better worse person!!

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Dec 9, 2016 8:18pm PDT

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