Donald Trump Blasts CNN, Claims He Will Spend ‘Zero Time’ On Celebrity Apprentice While President

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The Donald has spoken — but we’ll forgive you if you don’t actually believe him.

Donald Trump lashed out at CNN in one of his now-patented early-morning tweet rants today, clapping back against the suggestion that he was going to be devoting his ‘spare time’ to Celebrity Apprentice while serving as President.

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After getting wind of Kellyanne Conway‘s disastrous interview on CNN yesterday, Trump tweeted out early this morning that he was going to devote ‘zero’ time to the NBC reality show (below):

So he has nothing to do with it… except for having a big (huge?) stake in it.

Confused? You’re not the only one! LOLz!

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A few hours later, though, Trump was evidently still incredibly angry, because he followed it up with another tweet (below):

Um, is it fake news if it was created by Trump’s own campaign manager and close advisor?!

This man… goodness gracious, this man…

We can’t!!!

[Image via Joel Ginsburg/WENN.]

Dec 10, 2016 7:43pm PDT

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