Despite The Tough Talk, Donald Trump Is Staffing His Resort With Foreigners — And Underpaying Them

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So much for that victory tour, eh?

Donald Trump is STILL staffing his Mar-a-Lago Club with a bevy of foreign workers, despite all of his “America first” pronouncements on the campaign trail, and now, as President-elect — and The Donald won’t even pay a significant raise to the workers he’s got, to boot!

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According to a report in the Palm Beach Post, The Donald is driving a VERY hard bargain by paying many of his workers less than what they made last year, and giving the rest just a one percent raise, on average!

Trump was approved to hire 64 foreign workers through the federal governments H-2B visa program — because he claimed he couldn’t find Americans to do the jobs — according to newly released data from the U.S. Labor Department.

In doing so, The Donald negotiated the right to keep his workers’ pay down VERY significantly. For example, Trump can hire 19 foreign cooks at $12.74 an hour this winter; he paid those same cooks $13.01 last winter.

The resort is also planning on hiring 30 waiters and waitresses at $11.13 per hour (this is up — barely — from $10.99 per hour last year), and 15 housekeepers at $10.17 an hour (also up from $10.07 per hour last year).

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Considering Trump has gone to such great lengths to publicly shame companies like Carrier and Ford Motor Company for their foreign aspirations, you’d think maybe the President-elect would work a little harder at finding and hiring Americans who need a job.

But nope — why do that when you can (a) hire foreign workers, and (b) stiff them on any sort of wage increase to coincide with the ever-growing cost of living, especially in a place like Palm Beach County, Florida.

Trump’s America.

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Dec 10, 2016 1:11pm PDT

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