Conor McGregor Has A HIGHlarious Instagram Fail — Can YOU Spot The Mistake??

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Conor McGregor is lucky he can count on his brawn to make a living, because he’s certainly not getting by on his brains.

That’s not to say he’s not intelligent by any means — you have to be smart in order to handle the business side of the sports world — but he may be lacking just a bit in the common sense department…

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The 28-year-old reigning UFC champ took to Instagram over the weekend to brag about his luxurious lifestyle as he wore PJs on a P.J. (that’s pajamas on a private jet, jsyk).

Unfortunately for ConAir Conor, his glamorous gram was overshadowed by one glaringly obvious faux pas… and we don’t mean those socks and sandals!

Any guesses?? No, we’re actually talking about the fact that the newspaper he’s reading in the pic is completely upside down.


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But to make an already adorable story even more iconic, the MMA athlete actually thanked luxury travel app JetSmarter for helping him get into the air on Sunday!

Oh, the irony…

We still love you, Conor!

[Image via Conor McGregor/Instagram.]

Dec 12, 2016 4:07pm PDT

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