Donald Trump & Kellyanne Conway Continue To Denounce The CIA’s Conclusive Investigation About Russia’s Interference In The Election!

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Attention Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway: you can’t blame the CIA for media bias!

Following the CIA and FBI’s conclusion that Russia DID interfere with the 2016 election, Donald and his puppet Kellyanne vehemently denied the airtight reports in Monday’s news cycle.

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In typical Drumpf fashion, he took to Twitter to claim the investigation is a hypocritical attempt by the Democrats to further discredit the election results. It’s a tad confusing stance to take considering the CIA’s findings were based on FACTS… but we guess Trump has always seemingly had a very, very loose relationship with reality.

Take a look at the president-elect’s response to the controversy (below)!

Well, we can’t say we’re too surprised by Donald’s comments.

As for Conway, she had this to say about the scandal to CBS News:

“We’re just surrounded by election deniers. First it’s [FBI’s] Jim Comey’s fault. Then it’s a bunch of people in a movement that we don’t know and we’re not associated with and that we’ve denounced time and time again. Then it’s Russian interference. Oh wait, it’s Bernie Sanders. How dare he run in the primary. He won 22 states and 13 million votes. It’s always something other than Hillary Clinton’s fault as to why she lost.”

Hmm… it definitely sounds like Kel is trying to deflect blame here. We wish she’d face the findings head on!

In response to Secretary of State favorite Rex Tillerson‘s ties to Russia, Kellyanne argued:

“It’s not like he’s hanging around with Vladmir Putin on the weekends at dinner parties. It’s that he understands Russia. He’s already had to do business there.”

…errr okay.

Check out the campaign manager’s full interview (below)!

So, where do YOU stand on this issue?

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Dec 12, 2016 2:47pm PDT

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