Donald Trump Reveals He’d ‘Love’ To Have Daughter Ivanka Trump & Son-In-Law Jared Kushner Involved In His Administration — SMH!

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Looks like nepotism is alive and well in Trump’s America!

During Donald Trump‘s interview with Fox NewsChris Wallace on Sunday, the President-elect revealed he’d “love” to have his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner involved in his administration. Smh.

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The Trumpster shared:

“We’re working that out right now. They’re both very talented people.”

Of course, this news comes amid the rumors that Ivanka and Jared were recently house hunting in D.C. Well, well!

Although, we shouldn’t be so shocked by Donald’s desire to have the Kushners on his team as the twosome (alongside Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump) are apart of her poppa’s transition team. However, the politician still has to deal with an anti-nepotism law before he can hand out jobs to his family as he continued:

“I think we’ll have to see how the laws read… I would love to be able to have them involved. If you look at Ivanka, you take a look, she’s so strong, as you know, to the women’s issue and childcare, and so many things she’d be so good. Nobody can do better than her. I’d just have to see whether or not we can do that. She’d like to do that.”

Huh. Someone needs to get Ivanka and Donald on the same page since the businesswoman previously told 60 Minutes in November that she was simply going to support her father as a “daughter” throughout his presidency. As you surely know, Miz Trump is currently the vice president of development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization AND runs her own fashion brand.

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Nonetheless, Ivanka’s man could be eyeing a spot in Drumpf’s White House. After serving as a close advisor to the real estate mogul during his campaign, it’s no wonder the 70-year-old couldn’t help but gush about Jared to Wallace. He added:

“I’d love to have Jared helping us on deals with other nations and see if we can do peace in the Middle East and other things. He’s very talented. He’s a very talented guy. So, we’re looking at that from a legal standpoint right now.”


Following the drama the Trump family faced for having Ivanka sit in on the meetings with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, we doubt his office will be confirming any job placements until after the new year…

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Dec 12, 2016 7:30am PDT

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