The Weeknd Reveals How He Got Over His Stage Fright In Rare New Interview!

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The Weeknd has learned to embrace his inner star(boy).

The hitmaker recently opened up to Billboard in a rare interview, revealing that he wasn’t always confidant in his abilities to perform for a crowd.

Crazy, right?!

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But it turns out that the 26-year-old seriously struggled with stage fright before he made it big, admitting:

“I used to be very nervous, especially about performing on TV. It’s usually just nerves when ├é┬¡somebody sounds bad. People who become famous for signing are usually pretty good at ├é┬¡singing.”

It’s so crazy to think the popular performer ever doubted himself!

In fact, the songsmith confessed that he’s actually his biggest critic, adding:

“I knew after my first Coachella [in 2012]. I looked at the tape and said, ‘I have to do better. This is my life.’ I was not satisfied. It was my first U.S. gig, playing the second main stage at dusk. That was a big move. Everybody else was doing the tents. Trilogy was hot, no radio, all word-of-mouth.”

So, how did the False Alarm singer finally shake the nerves?!

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The Canada native revealed he really didn’t get over his stage fright until he had developed a bigger following, saying:

“I think being known helps the nerves. Now, when I step out at the American Music Awards or on Saturday Night Live, I have fans. Before, I was just some indie R&B singer and I had to prove myself. You could hear a pin drop in some of those TV stations. Now, people come out and buy tickets. I hear them scream my name, so I know I’ll be fine. They want me to do well.”

The acclaimed artist explained that he’s come such a long way as far as that fear is concerned, reflecting:

“Go back to my first show at the Mod Club in Toronto, and I was terrified. You could see it on my face. I never thought I’d love going onstage, but I do now. I’m addicted to it.”

We’re so glad The Weeknd became more confidante in his performances because the music industry would be seriously lacking without them right now!

[Image via Koury Angelo/Billboard.]

Dec 12, 2016 5:40pm PDT

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