Major League Baseball Bans Hazing Rookies By Dressing Them As Women In New Anti-Bullying Policy!

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We bet this new policy is going to get some mixed reviews!

On Tuesday, Major League Baseball announced it is banning the practice of hazing rookies by dressing them as women. The tradition has been going on for years — big time players like Bryce Harper and Mike Trout have reportedly participated.

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As we previously reported, the ritual was recently blasted by an LGBT group for insinuating women are “less than” and “something to be mocked”.

It looks like the organization took the criticism to heart.

According to the policy, athletes are prohibited from “requiring, coercing or encouraging” other players to take part in activities that include “dressing up as women or wearing costumes that may be offensive to individuals based on their race, sex, nationality, age, sexual orientation, gender identify or other characteristic”.

MLB vice president Paul Mifsud also added:

“In light of social media, which in our view sort of unfortunately publicized a lot of the dressing up of the players … those kind of things which in our view were insensitive and potentially offensive to a number of groups. There’s lots of pictures of baseball players dressed up as Disney princesses. Although it hasn’t happened, you could sort of see how like someone might even dress up in blackface and say, ‘Oh no, we were just dressing up. We’ve also understood that a number of players have complained about it.”

Well, it sounds like Mifsud made the best decision given all the information and opinions on the matter.

Despite the ban, some players and fans have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure over the development.

Check out some reactions (below)!

So, what do YOU think about the ban?

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Dec 13, 2016 12:47pm PDT

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