Nick Cannon Reveals The Completely Awkward Way Mariah Carey Confronted Him About The News Of His Baby!

Mariah Carey totally confronted Nick Cannon!

So, did Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon not have a chance to talk about his baby before it hit the news??

That’s definitely how the America’s Got Talent host makes it sound!

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During a new interview with Power 106.1, the poppa of their two twins revealed how the songstress actually confronted HIM about the baby he’s expecting with ex Brittany Bell.

He shared:

“She came at me first about it, so it was actually easier. I don’t know how she heard about it, but she called me, and she was funny with it. She was like, ‘Mhmmm, I heard about you out here in these streets.'”

Oh, okay!

Well, not like Nick needs her blessing, but we certainly hope he got it from MiMi! Although, he probably should have told her the news first!

The actor and singer also went on to spill the way he broke the news to Morrocan and Monroe, saying they were watching the animated movie Storks:

“They’re super excited.”

Aww! The twins probably can’t wait to have a little brother, as it’s been reported Nick and Brittany are having a boy.

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Mariah’s ex even made sure to clarify he’s been wanting more kids, if you’re thinking his soon-to-be bundle was an accident:

“Never an ‘oops baby.’ I’m so calculated with my moves…I’ve always wanted five kids. Just because my marriage was over didn’t mean I couldn’t continue my family.”

As for his relationship with Bell?

“I wanted to make sure it was someone who was solid, spiritual and had the same views. She’s been in my life. Our families grew up in the same projects together in San Diego. So there’s a lot of substance there.”

Unfortunately, the star wouldn’t share what their relationship is at the moment, but he did say this:

“Mariah, Moroccan and Monroe will always be my family, but we always can have other aspects of our family.”

So true!

Well, congrats again to the poppa of this growing fam!

[Image via Bridow/WENN.]

Dec 13, 2016 5:52pm PDT

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