Teen Mom 2 Star Nathan Griffith Gets Arrested AGAIN For Multiple Charges — Get The Latest HERE!

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Well, it looks like Jenelle Evanscustody case just got A LOT easier…

On Monday, a warrant was issued for Jenelle’s ex Nathan Griffith after he allegedly choked his girlfriend Jessica Henry. The gross news comes on the heels of Griffith reportedly harming Jessica back in August.

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The police report states:

“Upon arrival the victim stated she had a history with the offender who is her ex-boyfriend. The victim stated that tonight they were at a bar together and got into a verbal dispute. The victim then stated that later at her residence they got into another verbal dispute and then the offender got on top of her and began choking her. The victim stated that she started yelling the involved other’s name for help. The victim stated that the IO then came into the room and told the offender that he needed to leave. The victim stated that the offender went outside and started yelling then left just before police arrived. The involved other, (victim’s room mate), stated that she was playing video games while wearing headphones and thought she heard the victim calling her name. The IO stated that when she took the headphones off, she realized the victim was screaming so she ran to the victim’s room. The IO stated she saw the offender pinning the victim down on the bed so she started yelling at the offender for him to leave the residence. The IO then stated the offender went outside and yelled at them before leaving.”

So disturbing! It also happens to echo past claims Jenelle made against Nathan

Following the arrest warrant, officers found the fitness enthusiast carrying open containers of alcohol and accused him of trying to evade capture by giving police officer false information. The reality star was subsequently arrested for these offenses.

Insiders tell the Myrtle Beach Online:

Officers said they found two opened mini bottles of vodka and a large opened bottle of vodka inside. Griffith was then arrested in connection with open container of alcohol inside a vehicle. Police said they verified Griffith was deceiving them about who he was by giving a false name to elude arrest, and he was also charged with giving false information to police, the report states.”

Sheesh… these Teen Mom stars just can’t stay out of trouble!

As of now, no bail has been set. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as this case unfolds!

[Image via City of Myrtle Beach Police Department.]

Dec 13, 2016 7:51pm PDT

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