Piers Morgan Refuses To Back Down After Facing Criticism For Questioning Lady GaGa & Madonna’s Rape Claims

piers morgan questions gaga madonna rape claims

Piers Morgan doesn’t know when to stop.

ICYMI: The British TV personality fired off a series of tweets over the weekend where he questioned Lady GaGa and Madonna‘s rape claims after first criticizing how many celebrities were claiming PTSD in order to “promote themselves.” Tsk, tsk!

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He initially wrote:

However, when one fan tried to defend Tinseltown’s stars by using the Million Reasons singer as an example, Morgan clapped back on Twitter:

SRSLY, bro?? Of course, this bit of shade comes on the heels of both Madge and Mother Monster’s recent admissions about their past abuse.

Not shockingly, many people were offended by the 51-year-old’s flippant remarks — but, being the internet troll he is, Morgan couldn’t bring himself to back down as he continued online:

DUDE. Saying someone faked their rape claim for PR reasons is a HUGE accusation to make… here’s hoping you have your lawyer on call because we smell a libel suit!

In fact, even after one female writer accused the former America’s Got Talent judge of doing a “great deal of damage” with his words, the controversial journalist remained steadfast with his unsavory opinion (below).

Smh! We’re not really sure why Piers has felt the need to target the Material Girl so often this month, but we’re not loving it TBH.

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Dec 13, 2016 9:29am PDT

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