Sherri Shepherd’s Ex Is Requesting MORE Child Support Due To The Comedienne’s ‘Increase In Income’ — Uh Oh!

sherri shepherd ex wants more money

We doubt Sherri Shepherd is happy about this.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that the former View cohost’s ex Lamar Sally is now requesting for an increase in child support from Miz Shepherd. Uh oh!

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As you surely know, there has been all kinds of drama surrounding the twosome’s two-year-old son Lamar Sally Jr. Although both Sherri and Lamar are legally L.J.’s parents, the little one was conceived via surrogacy using Sally Sr’s sperm and a donor egg.

Not to mention, while the comedienne was initially involved in the surrogacy process, she had a change of heart in becoming the mother to the baby after she and her ex-husband decided to part ways.

Despite having no genetic connection to the boy, a Pennsylvania court ruled in favor of a lower court’s April 2015 decision which declared Shepherd’s name would stay on the child’s birth certificate. Of course, a judge also ruled that the funny lady must continue to pay child support for the kiddo.

All caught up? Good. Because the drama is gearing up once again just in time for the holiday season. According to documents obtained by People, Lamar wants to modify the child support agreement as his former flame is reportedly making more money as of late.

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The legal paperwork states:

“Based upon all of the new projects that [Shepherd] is currently involved, I am informed and believe that she earns approximately $3 million per year, which is substantially more than what our previous support order was based upon. Based upon [Shepherd’s] increase in income, I seek an increase in child support commensurate with her income level.”

Huh. It appears the substitute teacher is eager to receive more money from the 30 Rock actress as his son suffers from a “genetic disorder known as G6PD” which requires the little one to have a strict (and seemingly pricey) organic diet. According to the docs, Sally is only making about $140 to $186 per day.

Also, Sherri’s controversial ex is seeking to have his legal fees covered. The document petitioned:

“I still have outstanding legal fees from our initial litigation fees three years ago, wherein [Shepherd] took the matter all the way to the Supreme Court. The litigation cost me well over $150,000, and left me with no savings and monthly payments. I anticipate this post judgement matter will be no different and costs in order to level the playing field… I am requesting attorney fees and costs in the amount of $75,000, due to [Shepherd’s] past litigation behavior. Additionally, [Shepherd] has several income streams and I anticipate that [she] will be forthcoming with documents, requiring discovery.”


What do YOU think? Should Sherri have to shell out more for L.J.?

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Dec 13, 2016 10:52am PDT

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