Vanderpump Rules‘ Tom Schwartz & Katie Maloney Have A Prenup & Stassi Schroeder Was INVITED To Crash Their Honeymoon!

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Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney may claim they’re perfectly happy now that they’re married, but they aren’t going to take any chances!

In a new interview with, the Vanderpump Rules newlyweds insist they’re super happy after FINALLY tying the knot, even though it took an ultimatum to get there.

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Miz Maloney even addressed their relationship hurdles while gushing about being married, saying:

“The pressure’s off, all the insecurities about ‘where is this going?’ that just exist until you do get married… it’s really nice, it feels more relaxing, especially as we’ve had a rough go at a relationship the entire time.”

Now, we can’t help but wonder if she’s raving about how blissfully in love she is, or simply relieved that she’s locked Schwartz down…

But what’s more inneresting about that statement is that the Bravo personality just admitted she and her main man had a rough relationship “the entire time.”

So, in light of their tumultuous history — and possibly Scheana Shay‘s divorce drama — it actually makes sense that the longtime loves signed a prenup before their marriage license!

Tom insists the “catastrophe insurance” is just in case of a “worst-case scenario,” explaining:

“We got a ton of sh*t for that. But it seemed like the sensible thing to do. As we were approaching the wedding it was more or less the happiest moment of our lives, even though the road to the wedding was rocky, so we figured, let’s deal with the prenup while things are good, just in case.”

Katie also added:

“It’s not romantic to talk about [getting a prenup]. But we realize that divorce is an unfortunate but common thing that happens. I don’t think you get married thinking, ‘oh we could just get divorced’ but I think if you can accept that that’s reality and sh*t happens… It’s like, you don’t have insurance because you anticipate getting into a car accident or getting severely ill, but thank god you have it.”

Yeah thank god, considering 83% of VPR viewers are convinced TomKat’s union is destined to fail

Aaaaaaand it’s probably not a great sign that the couple invited costar-slash-BFF Stassi Schroeder to crash their romantic honeymoon…

Katie recalled:

“The problem was, we didn’t realize how couples intensive it was going to be in Bora Bora. And then [Stassi] got there and it was like Noah’s Ark, just twos… we definitely got a lot of weird looks. Sometimes I was like, ‘wait, you’re making us look weird, just walk behind.'”

You didn’t realize how “couples intensive” your HONEYMOON was going to be?!

Now, Perezcious readers, it’s not like they pulled a Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux and invited a group of friends. They invited ONE friend. A third wheel. Or maybe a buffer?!

We may never know.

Regardless, Tom and Katie are insisting that their marriage is a happy one. But just in case those 17% of viewers are wrong about their eternal love, they’ve got that prenup all squared away.

Do U think they’ll last?! SOUND OFF in the comments!

[Image via Stassi Schroeder/Instagram.]

Dec 13, 2016 4:51pm PST

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