Jennifer Lawrence Explains Why She’s ‘No Fun’ At Parties & Shares A Gross Mother-Daughter Photo On The Late Late Show! Watch!

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Jennifer Lawrence may seem like the perfect celeb to party with, but apparently she’s “no fun” at Hollywood shindigs!

The Passengers star stopped by The Late Late Show on Tuesday and said she stays close to one or two friends when attending glamorous movie biz parties so she doesn’t get “overwhelmed.”

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She explained to James Corden:

“I get really overwhelmed by the amount of people, then I find two people and I imprison them and I trap them and I’m like ├óΓé¼╦£it’s you and me.'”

However, being J.Law’s wing-person isn’t as rewarding as it seems — as Ellen Page apparently learned the hard way at a recent Oscars party.

She continued:

“One year for the Oscars, I think it was the American Hustle year, I juice cleansed and then got really, really wasted. Then something was smokin’ and then I barfed, at Guy Oseary‘s house, I vomited, cheers Guy. I remember going up to Ellen Page and saying ├óΓé¼╦£I need to get in my car’ and she was like ├óΓé¼╦£not my problem,’ And I was like ‘take me home Ellen.'”

Sounds like an award-winning mess!

To prove just how unapologetic she really is, the 26-year-old then shared an inneresting photo of her and her mother.

In the snap, Mama Lawrence is holding a glass of wine and sitting in a chair, while her actress daughter kneels behind.

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But what her mother — who was sitting in the audience, btw — didn’t know is that the Joy star was actually peeing while the photo was taken! The blonde beauty explained:

“She has no idea, no clue. I went to pee and my friend got the phone because she knew I was peeing and then we both decided to leave my mom out of it.”

Wow, J.Law really IS super relatable… to a housebroken dog!

Speaking of which, the actress later pitched her idea for an app to Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller that would show people what their baby would look like if the other parent was their dog. LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out the clips (below) to her the story behind the photo and her app idea!

[Image via CBS.]

Dec 14, 2016 10:17am PDT

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