Leah Remini Gives Viewers A Crash Course In Scientology For Aftermath‘s Most Educational Episode Yet!

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Scientology 101.

With each passing episode of Scientology and the Aftermath, we continue to be surprised by just how far the grasp of Scientology can actually reach.

Luckily, Leah Remini is just about the perfect teacher… because she spent the third episode of her A&E docuseries explaining key words and other terms to viewers!

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Tuesday night’s episode introduced us to Mary — a “suppressive person” who managed to reach OT VIII (the highest level) before literally running away from the “Church.”

But as heartbreaking as her story was, this newest hour was all about Leah and copresenter Mike Rinder teaching Scientology terminology to those of us who don’t know much past Sea Org.

For starters, you probably know that Leah is now an SP after exiting the “religion” back in 2013, but you may not know that she was OT V on “The Bridge” before quitting. Basically, that means she was an Operating Thetan who took enough classes on L. Ron Hubbard‘s books (aka spent millions of dollars) to reach a spiritual state on the path of enlightenment above the so-called “clear” from Going Clear.

We also learned from Mary that in addition to the Sea Org, there is at least one other boat called Freewinds — which is essentially a floating classroom where Scientologists are forced to study the same material over and over… all at their own expense, of course.

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But that’s not even the worst part. Apparently, the “auditing” we heard about in Leah’s first two installments is pretty much just a lie detector test where officials force you to answer questions the way they want — oh, and for $800 per hour, no less!

If you’re interested in Scientology but don’t want anything to do with the organization itself, this is the series you need to be watching.

Thank you again for your bravery, Leah!

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Dec 14, 2016 11:12am PDT

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