Nicole Scherzinger Almost Turned Down ABC’s Dirty Dancing Remake Because She ‘Didn’t Want To Promote Abortion’

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Nobody puts a woman’s right to choose in the corner!

While we absolutely adore everything about Nicole Scherzinger, the latest news out of her Dirty Dancing remake has left us feeling a little sour about the Pussycat Doll.

That’s because the X Factor judge just revealed she almost didn’t take part in ABC‘s made-for-TV musical remake… all because of her controversial stance on abortion!

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As our movie-oriented Perezcious Readers are probably aware, Nicole’s character Penny Johnson — portrayed by Cynthia Rhodes in the original — infamously goes through with an illegal abortion in the iconic 1987 film (which is set in 1963, long before Roe v Wade).

Well, during an interview with on Tuesday, Nicole admitted she nearly passed up on the part due to her family’s “hardcore” pro-life political views, saying:

“It was, like, a crazy thing because, my family — my papa’s a Bishop — and my family’s really hardcore against abortion. So I got the role and I almost didn’t take it because I didn’t want to promote abortion, because my character has an abortion. But I was like, hopefully they can learn from, you know, her ways and I can be a positive influence… We decided that maybe I could be a voice, that I could shed some light on the subject without being preachy.”

Nicole says she has a personal reason for not being pro-choice:

“My mom got pregnant with me when she was 17 and had me when she was 18. She chose. Her parents were never going to let her have an abortion, so I came out. So I just want to, you know, encourage everybody to keep your babies.”

Which would be great… if everyone had the support/money/health/desire to do so. Since that’s not the case, the decision needs to belong to each woman.

Wasn’t the point of the storyline in the original film to show how awful things were BEFORE abortion was legal and safe?

Dirty Dancing also stars Sarah Hyland, Debra Messing, Abigail Breslin, Casper Smart, and Katey Sagal and airs sometime in early 2017 on ABC!

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Dec 14, 2016 5:55pm PDT

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