YouTuber Who Found Out Her Boyfriend Cheated On Her With Another Guy Comes Out As Gay!

Time to throw another twist into this digital drama!

As we previously reported, YouTube vlogger-slash-singer Trisha Paytas had multiple meltdowns — that she filmed and uploaded to the internet — after learning her boyfriend, Sean van der Wilt, had apparently been caught kissing another man.

She made many hysterical videos while trying to process the infidelity, the lies, the possibility that her longtime boyfriend was actually gay, the slander lawsuit he’s now slapping her with, and the feeling that she’s the human equivalent of a McDonald’s chicken nugget.

But now, the blonde seems like she might’ve calmed down.

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On Wednesday, the 28-year-old took to the video-sharing site to post a new clip in which she opened up about her sexuality.

The El Lay resident insisted the revelation is not related in any way to the surprising scandal regarding her former flame, saying:

“This video literally has nothing to do, please believe, nothing to do with recent events.”

However, the internet personality admitted that she has recently realized that SHE is gay herself, explaining:

“I’ve done a lot of self-reflecting and realizing that I always thought I was bisexual and now I’m realizing that I’m actually gay.”

In the 10-minute clip, Trisha revealed she has had sex with both guys and girls over the past few days, while coping with the disintegration of her year-long relationship.

But, she adamantly exclaimed that she didn’t make this discovery because her ex allegedly cheated on her with another man, adding:

“It’s not a ‘come to Jesus’ moment and I just realized this yesterday and I’m going to proclaim it now. No, it’s something that I’ve always been and just felt, one, not really like it’s necessary to come out and also, two, I feel like even if I did, and I was like ‘hey guys, I’m bisexual. I like girls and I like guys,’ I also feel people would say that’s attention-seeking. … If a girl says she’s gay or a lesbian, people automatically think it’s attention-seeking.”

However, she did say she never noticed just how unhappy she was while dating men:

“This past week, I’ve really come to the realization that I’m never happy in a relationship with a guy. The only time I’m happy is when I’m around girls and when I’m in relationships with girls.”

Plus, Miz Paytas recalled that she had discussed dating girls in the past:

“I have talked about dating a girl in the past, I totally have, and the sex at the time wasn’t something for me. It wasn’t until recent years that I have actually enjoyed it. I don’t enjoy all the aspects of gay sex with a woman.”

In the lengthy upload, Trisha even admitted she had actually been brought up homophobic and thought being gay was wrong until early adulthood.


She also revealed she had been sexually abused. And, she seemed to imply her now-ex is the only one who knew because she’s suddenly scared that the one person she confided in was going to expose that dark secret.

Intense stuff. Check it out (above).

Dec 14, 2016 9:33pm PDT

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