Street Artist Impersonated Actor Michael Vartan Following Alan Thicke’s Death — In Order To Promote Himself! Gross!

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This is seriously f*cked up.

Hollywood lost an incredible talent earlier this week when Alan Thicke passed away on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack. But can you believe someone tried to take advantage of the situation?!

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As you may have heard, sources were reporting that actor Michael Vartan had said he was joking around with the Growing Pains star moments before the 69-year-old was taken to the hospital.

Well, the disgusting truth has FINALLY come out after it was discovered Vartan never made those comments as it was actually a street artist named Midas Lives who pretended to be the actor!

Apparently, Midas’ cell phone number used to belong to Vartan at one point which lead to the confusion.

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Following Alan’s death, there were reports that Michael was at Pickwick Ice in Burbank, CA at the same time as the late actor. So when news outlets reached out to who they thought was the Alias star, the street artist picked up and pretended to be Mr. Vartan.

To make matters worse, the man told the caller that he was with his “friend” Midas Lives earlier that morning and Thicke had talked about commissioning a piece from the artist. F*cking seriously?!

The insensitive man has since taken to Twitter to share an “official apology” to Thicke’s family:

Funny, sounds more like Midas was pretending to be someone else and gave a false statement regarding a VERY serious situation in which someone died! Please, tell us more about how your bullsh*t and self promotion is a “fine piece of art.”

As for the “irresponsibility of media today”, perhaps sources and phone numbers should be double checked, but then again, maybe people shouldn’t LIE ABOUT BEING SOMEONE THEY’RE NOT!

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Mr. Vartan’s publicist, Nancy McCarty Iannios, has spoken out about the whole ordeal saying:

“Although Michael played hockey at the same rink as Alan Thicke yesterday, he did not have the opportunity to speak with Alan, so the reports have all been false.”

We honestly can’t understand how ANYONE would use such a tragic situation to self promote their own work — let alone tell an IDIOTIC lie!

What are your thoughts on what Midas did?

[Image via Fayes Vision/Michael Boardman/WENN.]

Dec 15, 2016 9:30am PDT

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