Sources Claim Donald Trump’s Team Tried To Bribe Prospective Inauguration Singers With Ambassadorships!

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Color us NOT surprised.

According to The Wrap, members of Donald Trumps transition team tried to bribe potential inauguration performers with AMBASSADORSHIPS… you know, the positions often reserved for qualified people with actual experience.

As we previously reported, Drumpf had an incredibly hard time procuring A-list talent for the January 20 ceremony. The failed businessman ultimately had to settle for America’s Got Talent alum Jackie Evancho.

Prior to landing Jackie, the mag reports Trump’s team tried to lure big stars in exchange for a coveted political role. It’s an especially disturbing claim considering most celebs perform at the inauguration for free, given that it’s a patriotic act as well as very prestigious.

Speaking on anonymity, one booker revealed:

“I was shocked. Never in a million years have I heard something so crazy. That was the moment I almost dropped the phone.”

How insane! This type of behavior is totally unacceptable for a future president!

Another insider added:

“My first thought was, ├óΓé¼╦£Are you joking?’ But no, it was serious.”

Following the crazy allegations, a member of the president-elect’s team stated:

“There is no truth to this insinuation. First-class entertainers are eager to participate in the inaugural events. The inauguration as a whole will be an exciting and uniting celebration of freedom and democracy. We will be releasing further details at the appropriate time.”

Well, we take everything connected to Trump with a grain of salt. It’s hard to believe anything that team says or does!

So, do YOU believe the claims?

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Dec 15, 2016 7:44pm PDT

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