Donald Trump Throws Twitter Tantrum Following Vanity Fair‘s Hilarious & Scathing Review Of The ‘Inedible’ Food At Trump Grill!

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Another day, another Twitter tirade from Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Drumpf BLASTED Vanity Fair in a tweet slamming the mag’s editor-in-chief Graydon Carter after he published a scorching review of Trump Grill.

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In the funny piece, writer Tina Nguyen destroyed the eatery’s “inedible” food, like the “Ivanka Salad” and the Gold Label Burger. It appears no menu item went unscathed!

Speaking on the Gold Label Burger, the reviewer hilariously stated:

“Renowned butcher Pat LaFrieda once dared me to eat an eyeball that he himself popped out of the skull of a roasted pig. That eyeball tasted better than the Trump Grill’s (Grille’s) Gold Label Burger, a Pat LaFrieda├óΓé¼ΓÇ£branded short-rib burger blend molded into a sad little meat thing, sitting in the center of a massive, rapidly staling brioche bun, hiding its shame under a slice of melted orange cheese. It came with overcooked woody batons called “fries”├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥how can someone mess up fries?├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥and ketchup masquerading as Heinz. If the cheeseburger is a quintessential part of America’s identity, Trump’s pledge to “make America great again” suddenly appeared not very promising.”

Ha! It’s no shock the president-elect lashed out considering the eyeball of a pig was deemed more appealing than his burger!

Following the HORRIBLE review, the 70-year-old toddler tweeted:

Surprise, surprise! Donald can’t handle an inch of criticism!

Then again, Trump was sure VF was about to fold FOUR YEARS ago too…

Ha! Great prognostication skills… The greatest…

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What’s interesting is, it appears a bulk of the restaurant’s Yelp reviews echoes Nguyen’s sentiments!

Check out some TERRIBLE takes on Trump Grill (below)!

“Food was almost inedible. I deployed and spent 7 months in the Persian Gulf with some of the most disgusting food on the planet and *this* was worse than that.”

“The food just average. Ive had better back in Oklahoma. The steak I ordered was small, tough and well on par for placed like Golden Corral and at 3 times the cost.”

“Was here over the summer. Horrendous service. Extremely tacky decor. Salad had dirt and bugs (obviously not washed). Friend had hair in her mimosa upon arrival….pointed this immediately to waiter before he could leave….he seemed to shrug and said he’d bring a new drink. She said, no thanks. Didn’t touch our food after all this. It was as if we threw $80 in the garbage. STAY AWAY.”

Damn! “Dirt and bugs” in the food?! Donald should take a peek at these reviews to get a little dose of reality!

Of course, he may then have to take the time to attack each individual customer…

Have YOU eaten at Trump Grill?

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Dec 15, 2016 12:45pm PDT

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