Robbers Butt Dial 911 In Dumbest Crime News Of All Time!

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Piece of advice: When planning a robbery, make sure you aren’t on the phone with the police while you’re hashing out the details.

Seems pretty straightforward, right?

Well, Robert Bourne (above, left) and David Grigsby (above, right) made that astronomical mistake over the weekend.

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The Kentucky men were plotting to hit Brothers BBQ in Danville, but had butt dialed 911 while figuring out how to commit the crime.

And, get this, Police Chief Tony Gray was actually eating at Brothers BBQ when the call came in!

While the men unknowingly dished details about their proposed plan to a dispatcher, the police department sent an officer to the eatery to fill in their boss!

The police chief told the Danville Advocate-Messenger:

“There was some conversation about when they should do it, they might be recognized if they do it in Danville, and I think they did talk about some different locations ├óΓé¼┬ª Somewhere in the conversation my name was brought up.”

At first, the officer thought Chief Gray might’ve dialed 911 by accident, and was heard talking about a case with someone else, but quickly learned that’s not what happened.

After dispatch triangulated the call, Tony and the officer found Robert and David sitting in a car. One of the guys had a ski mask, but there were no weapons in the car.

Robert and David were both booked for public intoxication, while David was also slapped with possession of an open alcohol container in a motor vehicle, and disorderly conduct.

They’ve both been released while awaiting trial.

[Image via Danville Police Department.]

Dec 15, 2016 6:18pm PDT

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