Charlie Sheen’s Ex Brooke Mueller Has Been In Rehab Ever Since Her November Hospitalization!

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Brooke Mueller is on the road to recovery.

Last month, Charlie Sheen‘s ex was hospitalized after behaving erratically around her sons. And, it turns out, the troubled momma has been in rehab ever since.

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Her sister, Sydney Wolofsky, revealed to Entertainment Tonight that her scandalized sibling had entered a treatment facility, saying:

“She was in the hospital for a little bit. I do know she woke up in the hospital after detox and my mom asked her what she wanted to do at this point, and she was the one that said, ‘I want to go back into rehab, and I want to stay there for a while.’ It was definitely her decision [to go to rehab].”

Miz Wolofsky admitted it’s also been her decision to stay until she’s totally healthy.

She explained:

“It’s impressive how in control she gets after the fact. She’s the one that’s like, ‘I don’t want to leave for a little while, I need to really work on myself.’ I know that she doesn’t want to leave until she is [there for] a certain amount of time — totally sober with no temptations of any kind, which is really smart on her part.”

And, it doesn’t seem like Brooke will be home for the holidays, because Sydney spilled that the family will be visiting the 39-year-old on Christmas:

“I know that we’re going to see her on Christmas. We’re going to go over [to the rehab center] to visit and just spend time with her. My brother, his wife and two kids, my parents and I are going to go to Utah to spend Christmas with her. Brooke would not let us show up without the boys.”

The sister also added that they’ve been keeping Miz Mueller updated on her boys:

“We send her pictures and videos of them all the time. Her whole life revolves around the boys, [who are] looking forward to seeing her. They miss her and really love her. They know what’s going on, and that mom’s getting help.”

Another source also told the outlet that a lot of Brooke’s behavior had been falsely reported or embellished, clarifying:

“She was never barefoot; she never hit the kids. Brooke was overmedicated at the time and was not herself.”

The source said her momma, Moira Fiore, is taking care of this kids and living at their home during the real estate investor’s rehab stint “so their daily routine stays the same while Mueller is in treatment for abusing prescription drugs.”

We’re just glad Brooke is getting the help she needs. Get better soon, girl!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Dec 16, 2016 8:03pm PDT

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