Ever Want To Delete Your Embarrassing Netflix Viewing History? Here’s How!

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Who doesn’t love to Netflix and chill? People with something to hide, that’s who!

We mean, how can you expect a date to take you seriously when they peruse your Watch It Again section??

Let’s face it — sometimes you say you’re catching up on award-winning shows like Peaky Blinders when you’re really deep into season 5 of Baby Daddy.

(Come on, who’s really seen Peaky Blinders??)

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Well fear not! Clearing your history for the popular streaming service is actually really easy — so you can stop stressing about your boyfriend/girlfriend finding out about the embarrassing things you might TOTALLY watch!

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Login to your account and click on “Setting” in the upper right corner (below):

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Then click on “Your Account”:

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From here, scroll to the bottom and select “Viewing Activity”:

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Then all you have to do is remove whatever items you don’t want to show up!

You can even do it via your smartphone in an emergency! Just click the “Settings” icon similar to before and click “Account”. You’ll then be redirected to the Netflix site which will allow you the delete any viewing activity just as you would on a computer!

Unfortunately, there’s no way to delete your history from your smart TV, but just hop on a computer and your embarrassing worries are gone!

Do you have anything you wish wasn’t in your Netflix history??

[Image via Netflix.]

Dec 16, 2016 3:26pm PDT

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