Donald Trump Makes Absurd Spelling Error On Twitter — And The Internet Is ROASTING Him For It!

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Oh, Donald Trump, were you trying to tell us something with your spelling error on Twitter this morning?!

The President-elect was tweeting about China early this morning again (what else is new?!) when he made a ridiculous spelling error — and one that, well, it really tells the world what he’s thinking as he is now just a month from taking office.

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The original, messed up tweet was quickly deleted, but screenshots are forever, so here you go (below):

LOLz! Seriously?!


We can think of something “unpresidented,” Donald…

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Trump posted a corrected tweet quickly (below), but the damage was done:

…because the Internet ROASTED him over the mistake!!

Ch-ch-check out some of the best reactions to Trump’s absurd mistake (below):


Great job, Donald, really… that Freudian slip was REALLY something.


[Image via NBC.]

Dec 17, 2016 12:44pm PST

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