Electoral College Confirms Donald Trump’s Presidency — Hope Is Officially Dead…

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Ugh… how disappointing.

While many Americans hoped the electors would vote their conscience and not for Donald Trump, the electoral college just confirmed his presidency.

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Amid protests at state capitols across the country, 304 Republican electors voted for Drumpf which officially secured the 270 electoral votes he needs to move forward. This means two Republican electors bound to Trump went rogue and voted for someone else.

According to the New York Times vote tracker, one Republican voted for Ron Paul while the other nominated John Kaisch.

As for the Democrat electors, 221 gave their votes to Hillary Clinton while four of them went the other way.

Per the tracker, three rogue Democrats voted for Colin Powell while one voter nominated Faith Spotted Eagle.

The only bright spot in this mess of a day occurred when elector Bill Clinton had the bittersweet pleasure of casting his vote for Hillary.

Hil’s husband declared:

“I have never cast a vote I was prouder of.”

Aww, so sweet.

Mr. Clinton added:

“At the end, we had the Russians, and the F.B.I. deal, she couldn’t prevail against that. But she did everything else. And still won by 2.8 million votes.”

Well said, Bill.

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Dec 19, 2016 5:54pm PDT

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