Lauren Jauregui Says Fifth Harmony Is Being Treated Like ‘Literal Slaves’ In Leaked Audio — Just Hours After Camila Cabello Jumped Ship!

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These girls could certainly use some work from home days right about now…

Things have been less than harmonious for the ladies of Fifth Harmony as of late, but Camila Cabello‘s surprise exit is starting to look like the least of their problems.

That’s because just days after getting busted with weed at the airport, Lauren Jauregui found herself in yet another controversy on Monday afternoon when leaked audio revealed her shocking sentiments towards the girl group’s management!

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In the recording, the 20-year-old can be heard comparing 5H 4H’s hectic work schedule to literal slavery with bandmate Ally Brooke!

From what we gather, it sounds as though Lauren doesn’t believe the girls are making quite as much money as they should be — listen for yourself!!!


“They make decisions on a regular basis to f*ck us over, to make us literal slaves — like, literally slaves, Ally. We’re doing f*cking labor every day and we see nothing.”

The word choice of “slaves” is a little intense considering she likely means “severely underpaid”… but it does not sound like she’s joking around.

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Plus, it’s not like this would be the first time a famous musician got screwed over by the business.

What do U think of Fifth Harmony’s latest scandal??

[Image via Fifth Harmony/Instagram.]

Dec 19, 2016 5:07pm PDT

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