Flip Or Flop Reportedly Coming To An End In 2017 Following Tarek & Christina El Moussa’s Split!

flip or flop may die in 2017

We could’ve called this one!

As news of Tarek and Christina El Moussa‘s separation continue to make headlines, many fans were curious about what would become of the twosome’s HGTV hit Flip Or Flop. Fair, fair.

Now, in the El Moussa’s joint statement about their split, Tarek and Christina claimed they planned “to continue [their] professional life together.” Not to mention, HGTV noted that Flip Or Flopwill continue production as scheduled.” However, this united front may be in regards to finishing up the current production schedule and nothing more. Go on…

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Reportedly, FOF is scheduled to last beyond 2016 — but there are doubts about whether or not it’ll make it to 2018. It’s said there are to be episodes filmed in the new year, but only to fulfill contractual obligations. A source told E! News:

“The show will end after that.”

Oh snap. Although we can’t say we are entirely shocked, since Tarek and Christina’s split has been pretty dramatic.

At first, it was reported that the former flames’ breakup was caused by a massive fight in May where the father-of-two ran off down a hiking trail with a hand gun. The TV personalities have since chalked this tidbit up to a “misunderstanding.” Also, since both Tarek and Christina have started dating other people, we doubt the wholesome network is eager to broadcast their new modern situation.

But hey, we can’t be the only ones who would tune in to watch a divorcing couple try and literally rebuild a home together — right?

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Dec 20, 2016 1:11pm PDT

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