Nathan Griffith Responds To Jenelle Evans’ Bid For Sole Custody Of Their Son — ‘She’s Going To End Up Shooting Herself In Her Foot’

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We have a feeling these two won’t be resolving their issues anytime soon…

Following Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evansbid to get sole custody of son Kaiser, his dad Nathan Griffith took to Real Mr. Housewife to tell his side of the story. As one would expect, things got MESSY.

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According to Griffith, who was JUST arrested for lying to police and alleged domestic abuse last week, he deserves more time with his son. In fact, the poppa believes Kai should live with him permanently!

Nathan explained:

“(Kaiser) needs a good, loving environment like I can provide him instead of him being 2 and a half years old already getting stuck in pre-school. Jenelle doesn’t work. How about she take him to the park? You see all the pictures I constantly post with him. I have a blast with him. And then she tries to say that (I don’t spend time with him) just because there was one weekend I asked my Mom to watch him so I could go out with my girlfriend? I mean, come on. Aren’t there weeks at a time she doesn’t have Kaiser because she has him at David’s Moms while they go on these extravagant vacations? The woman is a book of contradictions.”

Well, there are definitely “contradictions” abound on both sides of this dramatic situation…

The reality star added:

Jenelle spreads so many lies about me. I’m just going to end up going to mediation. I already talked to my lawyer and can’t go into great detail about this. My Mom asked Jenelle if she wants Kaiser to be supervised (and) if she could come to pick Kaiser up. She said, ├óΓé¼╦£Oh yeah, you can pick him up anytime’ and then she doesn’t respond. She’s a liar.”

To make matters even worse, the body builder insinuated Jenelle causes Kaiser to get sick and repeatedly injured:

“She wants to proclaim me being this horrible father and that she doesn’t trust me, yet she’s living with a convicted felon who just was sentenced to jail for 60 days. Also, all the marks and bruises and all the sicknesses and strange illnesses Kaiser has have never been with me, only with her. Like the hand foot mouth disease, the rashes, the blisters on his butt, the scraped up knees, the bump on his head- I can go on and on.”

Yikes… what a sad situation overall. Hopefully a mediator is able to resolve this back and forth.

So, whose side are YOU on?

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Dec 20, 2016 7:31pm PDT

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