Judge Who Gave Stanford Rapist A Slap On The Wrist Is Cleared Of Any Wrongdoing In His Controversial Ruling

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We’re disappointed… but ultimately not surprised.

On Monday, The California Commission on Judicial Performance found insufficient evidence to accuse judge Aaron Persky of misconduct in the controversial case of Stanford rapist Brock Turner.

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As we previously reported, Aaron sparked outrage when he sentenced the Stanford University student to a mere six months in prison for raping an unconscious woman in 2015. The ludicrous ruling caused numerous petitions against the judge to circulate online, and he’s now at the center of a recall campaign.

In the commission’s confusing statement on the scandal, they explained:

“The commission has concluded that there is not clear and convincing evidence of bias, abuse of authority, or other basis to conclude that Judge Persky engaged in judicial misconduct warranting discipline.”

Wait, we’re baffled here. If there was no bias or judicial misconduct on Perky’s part, then why was he removed from a sexual assault case just months after the decision?

Naturally, the commission’s findings caused the Internet to freak out in total disgust once again.

Ch-ch-check out some angry reactions (below)!

So, what do YOU think of this latest development?

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Dec 20, 2016 12:23pm PDT

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