Former Apprentice Producer Says The ‘Scam’ Of Reality TV Led To ‘Buffoon’ Donald Trump Becoming President!

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Living under a Donald Trump presidency already feels like a warped reality.

And according to a producer who worked on the first two seasons of The Apprentice, network television had done just that to make it’s starring businessman seem successful when he really wasn’t!

Emmy-winning reality TV producer Bill Pruitt, who has worked on The Amazing Race and Deadliest Catch, said Trump’s real estate empire was crumbling when he was cast as the boardroom boss on NBC‘s reality show.

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However, the popular business competition painted Trump as a successful businessman, a ratings “scam” Pruitt says permanently altered public perception of the “buffoon.”

Speaking to Vanity Fair, he explained:

The Apprentice was a scam put forth to the public in exchange for ratings. We were ├óΓé¼╦£entertaining,’ and the story about Donald Trump and his stature fell into some bizarre public record as ├óΓé¼╦£truth.'”

In fact, Pruitt says the reality TV illusion of Trump was so successful, it ultimately led to his rise in politics and got him all the way to the White House!

He continued:

“We are masterful storytellers and we did our job well. What’s shocking to me is how quickly and decisively the world bought it. Did we think this clown, this buffoon with the funny hair, would ever become a world leader? Not once. Ever.”

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Horrified that the reality they constructed has created an unstoppable monster bent on corrupting U.S. politics, Pruitt cautioned fellow TV producers to use their powers wisely, adding:

“Now that the lines of fiction and reality have blurred to the horrifying extent that they have, those involved in the media must have their day of reckoning. People are buying our crap. Make it entertaining, yes. But make it real. Give them the truth or pay the consequences.”

No doubt, it was Trump playing the bombastic, “entertaining” Apprentice version of himself that got him elected — all because some crafty TV producers wanted to make a successful reality show!

Take note, Ryan Seacrest — we don’t need a President Kim Kardashian in 2020├óΓé¼┬ª because that’s the year Kanye West is running, obviously.

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Dec 21, 2016 2:04pm PDT

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