Leah Remini Sits Down With David Miscavige’s Father For The Most SHOCKING Scientology And The Aftermath Interview Yet!

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UPDATE 6:24 P.M. EST: The Church of Scientology has released a statement in response: “Leah Remini has repeatedly disparaged and exploited her former faith for profit and attention through a series of failed publicity stunts, culminating in her reality TV show featuring a cast of admitted liars who to make a buck have been telling differing versions of the same false tales of abuse for years. Many of their allegations have been reviewed and discredited in courts of law. A&E’s promotion of their agenda smacks of bigotry.” For the Church’s full response, see HERE.

If you’ve been watching Leah Remini‘s new docuseries Scientology and the Aftermath, you know there have been A TON of shocking reveals about the church.

But Tuesday night had the most surprising guest yet!

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Last night’s episode featured three former members of the Church of Scientology who shared stories about the group’s leader David Miscavige. The most surprising of the guests though, was David’s father, Ron Miscavige, who dished on his experiences with the Church and gave insight into his son’s personality!

The first two former Scientologists Leah spoke to were Jeff Hawkins, who was involved in marketing found L. Ron Hubbard’s promotional books in the ’80s, and Tom Devocht, a member for 30 years.

Both men shared some disturbing details about their time with the organization as Hawkins revealed he was physically abused by the younger Miscavige and called him “a mean guy.”

DeVocht also claimed to have been physically assaulted by the Church’s leader and even said David admitted to him that the upper levels of enlightenment in Scientology were all fake! The admission was enough for DeVocht to leave the group as he admitted:

“The idea of walking away… and becoming a homeless bum — or even dead — was better, more palatable, than staying in the organization at that point.”

The REAL meat of the show came when the former King of Queens star spoke with David’s estranged dad, who dished a lot of deets on his son!

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While speaking with Leah, the elderly Miscavige talked about his son joining the church and his own 42 years with the religion. Interestingly enough, Ron described David as quite brilliant with a lot of determination, but also as someone who would “remove” anyone who got in his way. YIKES!

The estranged father went on to tell the story of how his son left home when he was only 16 to start working for Hubbard until he eventually became one of the most important people within the organization.

Eventually, Ron became a Scientologist too, but the relationship with his son was already slipping away as he said once David was a leader within the church, he addressed his dad as “Ron,” and Ron had to call his son “sir.”

That’s so sad!

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During Ron’s involvement with the church, he claimed to have lived at the international headquarters known as “Gold Base” near Hemet , California. Ron described some of his living conditions saying where he stayed was fenced in with with barbwire, and his outgoing mail and phone calls were monitored by security. Members were even accompanied to the doctor to make sure they wouldn’t use health appointments as an excuse to escape!

It wasn’t until David gave his father an Amazon Kindle that Ron discovered what the outside world thought of Scientology! The head of the church apparently didn’t mean to give his father the device with Internet access as he didn’t want dear old dad knowing the truth!

That’s when the older Miscavige decided to leave with his wife, but there was a bit of a problem as he said:

“If the word got out that we were planning on leaving, we would’ve been seized. My car keys would’ve been taken away. Becky and I would’ve been separated from each other, and we would’ve done manual labor throughout the day, and when we weren’t (doing) that, we’d be interrogated by an auditor.”

Once Ron and his wife were able to get out, he says they were tracked by GPS and even followed for MONTHS! What’s even worse is while investigators hired by David were watching Ron, they thought the old man was having a heart attack. At the time, the men immediately called the Church’s headquarters and allegedly spoke with David who told them:

“If it’s his time to die, let him die. Don’t intervene. Don’t do anything.”


Despite all of this, Ron made the heartbreaking admission that if his son ever wanted to shake his hand or give him a hug, he wouldn’t hesitate.


What do you think of the most recent claims against the Church of Scientology?

Make sure you catch Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath on A&E Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST.

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Dec 21, 2016 10:31am PDT

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