Pantsuit Nation Founder Blasted For ‘Monetizing’ Collective Grief Of Hillary Clinton Supporters With Book Deal!

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Pantsuit Nation‘s constituents are NOT happy right now!

A ton of private pro-Hillary Clinton groups surfaced on Facebook during the election (and after her loss). The tone of these collective spaces ranged from democratic mobilizing to emotional support to general sisterhood.

One of the largest of those groups is Pantsuit Nation, a collective space now under fire after its founder Libby Chamberlain announced she had landed a book deal using the Pantsuit Nation moniker. The Tuesday announcement sparked immense outrage and betrayal from the group’s millions of members after some participants felt their stories were being “monetized” by Libby.

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In the founder’s excited announcement, she explicitly states her intent to use group members’ content for the project, saying:

“There are many ways to share stories, and we’ve seen how powerful they can be when simply scrolled through on a Facebook feed. But I also know that many of us, dare I say most of us, have had moments of profound inspiration and connection while holding a book in our hands. And as many of you have commented, the stories of Pantsuit Nation are worthy of a book. The kind of book that will inspire and connect people. I’m so proud to be starting the process of bringing that beautiful idea to life.”

Hmm… very inneresting.

Ch-ch-check out Chamberlain’s initial message about the book (below)!

As you might have noticed, the founder explicitly reveals her intention to use the content from the group for her book — yet never mentions compensating any of the Nation’s members for their stories!

One woman using other women’s intellectual property for profit under the guise of feminism! Yuck!

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Obviously, there were a lot of participants who called Libby out. One exasperated member shot back:

“Libby, this is a betrayal of safe space. You can’t invite people to share intimate thoughts and feelings in a secret group then summarily, as an individual, change those terms. Something sacred has happened on this page and I don’t believe it belongs to you to share, sell, or in anyway reveal to those not in the group…

The stories emerged out of the connection of support created by millions of people. It also ends the future hope of a private group where stories will be learned from and appreciated, rather than seen as a future way of monetizing.”

Take a look at the full message (below)!

It looks like this woman brought up some good points.

Following the angry member’s comment, someone from Pantsuit Nation clarified they wouldn’t be using any content without “permission”:

“Hi Ellen – we’re mostly just reading and listening to the comments on this thread, including yours’. Thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts here. We did feel it important to clarify one point within your post — the stories will be opt-in. Libby will be selecting stories storytellers voluntarily submit, and won’t be using any stories without explicit (and enthusiastic) permission.”

Even if she doesn’t use anyone’s stories without their consent, it still seems like she’s turning what was supposed to be a safe space into some kind of think tank for her own benefit.

Do you think she was wrong to turn the group into a book and a non-profit organization? Or is this just an expansion of the Nation?

What side are YOU on in this controversy?

[Image via Johnny Louis/Facebook/WENN.]

Dec 21, 2016 2:33pm PDT

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