Celine Dion Refuses To Perform At Desperate Donald Trump’s Inauguration — Now His Team Is Calling A ‘Hail Mary’ To Land An A-Lister!

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Damn right!

Even though Donald Trump has won the election, it doesn’t mean celebs are lining up to meet or perform for the next President.

Trump is obviously having a hard time landing an A-list performer for his inauguration and reportedly even tried to bribe some singers!

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Well, no amount of money could get a oui out of this Celine Dion either! The Wrap reports Queen Celine has declined to be join in the festivities!

An insider close to the situation told the news site that hotel owner Steve Wynn, who’s a friend of Donald’s, promised he could get the French Canadian singer to perform at his January 20 event. Unfortunately for the orange-tinted clown, that won’t be happening!

We can’t imagine the future POTUS is too happy with Wynn as another insider dished that Steve also tried to get country star Garth Brooks for the inauguration but failed at that too!

We’re not sure what happened there as Garth had told TMZ he would be willing to perform at the event — but we’re just glad Donald’s still searching!

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According to another source, stars are turning down the offer because they don’t want to “normalize” Trump’s presidency.

But not everyone’s saying “no” because of their own beliefs as Andrea Bocelli reportedly met with the 70-year-old and agreed to do it, but backed out due to pressure from fans. Whatever works!

At the moment, the ONLY performer confirmed for the event is 16-year-old America’s Got Talent contestant Jackie Evancho who will sing the national anthem before Mr. Trump takes the oath of office.

Apparently, times are so desperate as January 20 approaches, the p*ssy grabbing reality star is calling a “Hail Mary” play by bringing in some extra help to book talent!

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Hollywood producer Mark Burnett, who’s in charge of landing talent for the inauguration, has hired Suzanne Bender who worked on Dancing With The Stars and American Idol as a talent booker, to help persuade some celebs.

HIGHlariously though, Donald’s team has denied they’re having any issues with landing artists. Boris Epshteyn, the communications director for the Presidential Inaugural Committee, told The Wrap:

“First class entertainers are eager to participate in the inaugural events. The inauguration as a whole will be an exciting and uniting celebration of freedom and democracy. We will be releasing further details at the appropriate time.”

We’re not sure we consider supportive acts like Kid Rock and Ted Nugent “first class.” LOLz!

They can deny they’re having trouble all they want, but when they end up with an AGT runner-up and Rick Astley, their victory lap is going to look VERY silly.

Who do you think might end up singing at Mr. Trump’s inauguration?

[Image via NBC/Dan Jackman/WENN.]

Dec 22, 2016 10:29am PDT

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