Ellen Pompeo Blasts A&E For Normalizing Racism In Generation KKK — See How The Network Defends Its Controversial Docuseries!

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The doctor will NOT see you now!

Ellen Pompeo has been very vocal about her hatred for hate speech during this election cycle, and Donald Trump‘s unfortunate rise to power isn’t about to shut her up.

In fact, the Grey’s Anatomy actress is actually going out of her way to call out injustice under the rule of the racist Republican!

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As you may have seen, A&E made headlines this week when they announced their upcoming docuseries Generation KKK.

Well, like most sane Americans, Ellen was immediately turned off by the idea of giving white supremacists their own reality show — so she took to Twitter for an epic rant against the network on Wednesday!

She even urged others to boycott the channel entirely, tweeting:

But what did A&E have to say about the show??

To their credit, producers reportedly filmed the project as a documentary and not a reality show… which means participants weren’t paid.

So maybe the docuseries actually will be educational after all!

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But we can see why Ellen (and many others) are upset about the show because it definitely looks like it’s giving some KKK members a platform to tell their side

Ch-ch-check out a sneak peek of Generation KKK before its premiere Tuesday, January 10 on A&E (below) and decide for yourself whether the show deserves a boycott!!!

[Image via ABC and A&E.]

Dec 22, 2016 11:10am PDT

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